Non-Profit Tax Exemption Service

DGH can support your organization with not-for-profit exemption request and maintenance services. In working with hospitals, health care and community health facilities, and charter and private schools, DGH will:
  • Ensure that both tax-exempt organizations and for-profit businesses are given fair tax assessments on their local real and personal property.
  • Conduct tax assessment review.
  • Advise on real and personal property tax liabilities.
  • Submit and appeal real and personal property assessments.
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Start-Up Assistance for Small Businesses

DGH can help new businesses and non-profits looking to build a solid foundation for beginning their journey and future growth. With over 40 years of experience, DGH knows how to help create strong business documents and strategies and will:
  • Assist with business plan outlining.
  • Offer start-up models and financial guides.
  • Support new organizations in applications and processing for non-profit exemption status, if needed.
  • Supply personal budget models to fit existing needs and future goals.
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Recruitment & Interview Guidance

DGH will work with you to help you find the best people to join your organization. To assist you in interviewing, and soliciting quality applicants, DGH will:
  • Define project and customize each search according to our search outline to ensure the highest level of service.
  • Address organization needs and create meaningful descriptions for attracting potential candidates.
  • Provide access to our network of highly qualified candidates.
  • Offer support for the screen interview process.
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Office & Organizational Strategies

DGH can help you identify and use important strategies to making your office and organization an efficient and effective work place. To do this, DGH will:
  • Provide assistance in determining core competencies and goal setting.
  • Offer budget review and forecasting services.
  • Assist in job analysis and descriptions, clearly defining which skills are essential versus important for the job.
  • Assist in pay plan activities, including performance analysis.
  • Help with the development of Policy Manuals.
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